Mayo Clinic's Social Presence Among the Best

Posted at: 09/10/2013 6:44 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Mayo Clinic is known worldwide as a leader in healthcare, research and innovation, but it is also being recognized as one of the top companies in a whole new realm.

An international bestselling author has ranked Mayo Clinic amongst the top companies in the nation for using social media. As Mayo Officials tell us, it's hard to be a leading organization without an online presence.

"The history at Mayo Clinic has all been about our reputation being made by word of mouth,” said Lee Aase, Director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media.

When people turn to the internet that word of mouth can reach millions anywhere in the world. One reason why Mayo Clinic has had a social media presence for more than five years.

"If your organization depends on interacting with people, you need to go where they are and that's in the social networking sites,” said Aase.

Lee Aase is the Director of Mayo Clinic's Center for Social Media. He says platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are used every day. Mayo also collaborates with large media organizations and schedules monthly Twitter chats, like Tuesday’s.

"We’ll make our Mayo Clinic subject experts available and give them the training on how to use Twitter and then they're able to converse directly with consumers and potential patients online,” said Aase.

Tuesday's chat focused on childhood obesity.

"We need to step out of our office and we need to find ways to reach families, to give them to messages to help them live healthy lives and this is a very efficient and effective way to do that,” said Brian Lynch, Mayo Clinic General Pediatrician.

Mayo Clinic's social media use recently caught the eye of bestselling author Erik Qualman, who ranks Mayo Clinic as one of the best when it comes to effective social media campaigns.

"They are in a tough industry because it's highly regulated, so they've done a good job of making sure that they're getting out there and still stating stuff like here's some helpful information out there on different diseases,” said Erik Qualman, Bestselling Author of “Socialnomics.”

As well as directing social media users to the right resources.

"It kind of breaks down one of those barriers. You don't physically have to be somewhere in that group and so you might be shy, but at the same time you want to solve the issue for yourself,” said Qualman.

When you're a leading healthcare organization, what's better than being able to reach people around the world with a click of a button.

"Some people ask whether a large corporation could be successful without using social media, I’d sort of like to say could a large corporation be successful without using a telephone or a generation ago fax machine? These are just the tools that people are using to communicate now,” said Aase.

Mayo Clinic came in second only to Capital One. Mainly because the healthcare industry has online regulations they need to follow.