Space Heater Fire in Rochester Serves as Warning for Others

Posted at: 09/18/2013 11:44 AM

Photo credit: MGN
Photo credit: MGN

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- After a Tuesday night fire the Rochester Fire Department is warning people to be cautious when plugging in their space heaters.

According to the Rochester Fire Department crews were called to a home on the 200 block of 9th Avenue S.E. just before eleven o’clock Tuesday night. When they arrived they found fire coming from a bedroom window.

The resident told fire crews that she had plugged her space heater into a power bar behind her dresser and then walked away. When she returned she found a small fire had started behind the dresser.

The resident and her child evacuated the home and waited for fire crews. The bedroom of the home is a total loss. The damage is estimated to be more than $20,000 dollars.

The Fire Department wants to warn residents that if they are using a space heater they need to plug it into the wall not a power bar.