Where's Your Favorite Cheeseburger?

Posted at: 09/18/2013 6:33 PM
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Sept. 18th is National Cheeseburger Day. So who has the best burgers in Rochester?

Three restaurants: Newt’s, Glynner’s and Snappy Stop were put under a microscope to see who is the king of beef.

“We have the freshest ingredients and everything in our burgers,” said Jessica Bearteau, a server at Newt’s, a restaurant that’s won “Best Burger” in Rochester ten straight years.

“They’re always coming up with new things and creating new burgers,” said Bearteau.
Recipes are created over the grill through experiments.

“The peanut butter burger is awesome! As weird as it sounds, if you like peanut butter, you would love it,” said Bearteau.

Snappy Burger has been in business for 28 years.

“You gotta have some of the best cheeseburgers in town. I think that’s the key to being in business that long,” said “Bucky” Beeman, part owner of Snappy Stop.

It’s located just off South Broadway. It doesn’t have seating, just a drive thru.
“For what you get for the price, it’s a great deal,” said Beeman.

You can get a triple snappy burger for $3.49.

Sam St. George is sous chef at Glynner’s Pub. He believes the house seasoning makes their burgers the best, but won’t give away what’s in it.

“House secret,” said St. George.

It’s up to you, Rochester. Which one of these places has the best burgers?