Rochester Recognizes Prisoners of War

Posted at: 09/20/2013 7:59 PM
By: Sean Boswell

“Could you imagine the one person that you love the most went missing and you had no idea where they were? Ever… What would you do?” said State Director of the POW/MIA Riders Scott Eggert.

Friday is the day to recognize prisoners of war and those 83,000 still missing in action.

“I don’t know what greater leader or person I could have looked up to,” said Eggert.

Eggert’s  grandfather was a POW. He was captured in Italy on March 6th, 1945 and released later that year.

“There’s a greater way to give back: unconditionally… That’s what those men and women did. They gave unconditionally something we can’t repay,” said Eggert.

“It’s a day to hold dear to your heart,” said Lyle Duxbury, a veteran whose father was a POW for 42 months.

“Abuse, starvation, slave labor, torture,” said Duxbury about what his father endured.

“Over a period of time it can catch up to you,” said Eggert.

Duxbury said his father was captured when he was around 220 lbs. When he was released, he weighed in at just 98 lbs.

“They need to be thought of,” Duxbury said.

That’s what the third Friday every Sept. is devoted to. Those who were captured in the line of duty, tortured, and often forgotten.

“We need to let people know there’s people serving our country in ways they didn’t intend to do so,” said Eggert.