Bringing the Drive-In Movie Theater Back

Updated at: 09/19/2013 11:51 AM
By: Networx

Photo: Denise Mattox/Flickr.comDrive-in movies are pretty much the greatest, and not just because they have such a fantastic nostalgic history. If you get bored with the programming, you can get out of the car and look up at the stars (or peer through your moon roof), you get to sit in comfort, you don't have to listen to other people talking, and, of course, you can pack a picnic and the movie theater guard won't get on your case for sneaking food in.

Unfortunately, they're dwindling in number across the US, and it's starting to seem like drive-in movies are going the way of the cassette tape. That's why I'm tickled pink about the Empire Drive-In, a new drive-in theater set to open in Flushing Meadows. It's a little bit different from your conventional drive-in; for one thing, the cars are provided (they're rescued from junkyards), and for another, it's intended to act almost more like an installation art piece than a traditional movie theater, but I'm not complaining, because the lineup looks fun and entertaining.

The structure required some careful engineering by New York construction firms, and the end result is a very cool, rustic-looking space that almost looks casually thrown-together for a weekend of fun. New Yorkers, get thee to the movies; tickets are only $15!

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