Sawyer Prinsen

Posted at: 09/25/2013 10:01 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Without the offensive line, it's hard to put points on the board, but they're not the one who gets the credit when their team scores.

"No lineman really does," Chatfield offensive and defensive tackle Sawyer Prinsen said.

"I think I have like 14 touchdowns this season, and Sawyer is a big part of it; the whole line is," said Gophers running back Jake Neis.

When the Gophers played Caledonia earlier this year, Prinsen had a sack, a forced fumble, and a tackle for a loss on defense, teaching everyone on the field a thing or two.

"We go through a bunch of film sessions every Monday and some Saturdays and he is one kid that I typically use for, 'This is how it should look guys, this is how you should be blocking,'" said Chatfield head coach Jeff Johnson.

Prinsen played defensive tackle last year and worked on his craft in the offseason, so when a spot opened up on the offensive line this year, he had already earned it.

"We did a lot of weightlifting, a lot of speed and agility in the summer and a lot of drills on Sunday night. I decided to get better somehow," said Prinsen.

And for a guy like this, it's not recognition on his mind, it's something else.

"Kick butt and take names," said Prinsen.