Local Students Headed To "We Day"

Posted at: 10/03/2013 5:43 PM
Updated at: 10/03/2013 6:25 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It's a movement that's been sweeping the country.

Now, a group of students from our area about to be swept along with it.

And they might help change the world.

It’s called We Day.

“It's a program that motivates or gets kids interested in doing better in the world, better in the community," said Lyle fifth grade teacher and student council advisor JoAnn Guthmiller.

Next week, for the first time, "We Day" is coming to Minnesota.  It's designed to change the way we think.

"To turn ‘me’ into ‘we’," JoAnn Guthmiller explained.

You can’t buy tickets for We Day … you earn them through service. And the Lyle school district has been invited to send 40 students and staff when We Day hits the Excel Energy Center next week.

"We do many things in the community already," JoAnn Guthmiller told us.

“The cancer auction, that's always a really big one," said Lyle high school senior Ted King.

“We also do food drives during the year for our local food shelf," JoAnn Guthmiller added.

"Pretty much any school event that we have ends up becoming a fund raiser one way or another," senior Ted King told us.

And the idea behind We Day is to take that philosophy to the next level.

"Adopt a global project," JoAnn Guthmiller said.

“I know there will be a lot at we day about child labor, what we can do in terms of recycling jeans, shoes," Lyle principal Melanie Jiskra said.

The Lyle kids will decide on their global project when they get back from We Day.

"I think the young kids of today are really pushing to have an impact. They're becoming more globally aware of what their role is," principal Melanie Jiskra said.

“If everybody puts in a little bit more,” student council advisor JoAnn Guthmiller added, “It turns into a whole lot more."