Atlanta's Barnyard Problem

Updated at: 10/01/2013 12:17 PM
By: Networx

Photo: Paul!!!/Flickr.comRemember Kevin the cow? (Who turned out to be Kevina when she was finally captured and safely relocated from her cozy highway-side home.) Well, it turns out that she was only one of many barnyard critters who apparently freely wander the metro Atlanta area, which makes for fantastic funny headlines, but a real headache for residents.

This week, it's some wild pigs traumatizing residents. If you haven't encountered pigs in their full glory, and you're thinking of soft, pink, lazy animals only interested in food and the occasional mudbath, think again. Pigs can be quite aggressive, and they can root through trash cans, destroy Atlanta landscaping, and more.

Wildlife officials have tried to capture the four unwanted porcine visitors, without success, so this week, they plan on setting traps with food lures to see if that does the trick. Hopefully it works and the pigs can be relocated to a more appropriate location, leaving residents unscathed. Meanwhile, if you see wild animals or their farm cousins on the loose, make sure to call local officials rather than trying to capture them yourself -- they could become agitated and they might injure themselves or innocent bystanders.

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