New Vikings Stadium Season Tickets Come with Hefty Fee

Posted at: 10/03/2013 11:09 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- Though the Vikings aren't doing so hot, fans remain die-hard, but an added "personal seat license fee" on top of season tickets may turn loyal fans away.

We've seen other teams do it but this is a first for Vikings season ticket holders.  It's an added fee and it's not even to cover the states portion of the new stadium, but the Wilf’s. Season ticket holders could pay anywhere from $500 to $10,000 a seat.

"I’ve pretty much grown up a Vikings fan, grew up watching games with my dad and just grew up watching since probably I was ten years old,"  said Vikings season ticket holder Troy Ramaker. He has an entire room decked out in purple and gold. "I think I've missed, in the last seven years, probably about three games?"  said Ramaker.

"We have six season tickets total ourselves, we have our two and the three right behind us, then we have the guys that are in front of us that we've become really good friends with," said Joann Ramaker.

Troy has had the tickets since Ziggy Wilf bought the Vikings in 2006, but now, a decision headed by the Wilf family, is going to cost them. Governor Mark Dayton was visibly frustrated too. "I can safely assume that for most Minnesotans, this will look like a questionable deal, because the economics of professional sports is highly questionable," said Gov. Dayton Thursday.

"It's frustrating, nobody really wants to see something that they enjoying doing, the price go up," said Troy.

Plus, it won't just by a couple bucks, but possibly thousands per seat. Even so, these two fans aren’t horribly upset. "With us being season ticket owners and everything, we kind of expected that some of it would come on us, but with the pull-tabs and everything falling through, it’s kind of disappointing and I understand, we kind of want it ( the stadium) to go through no matter what, so we're trying to help out with whatever we can," said Joann.

That's because they backed the new stadium. They just hope the new price tag will fit into their budget.

"If it’s a cost that we can afford and if we decide we want to do that, we'll do it. If we don't, then we'll probably just go to single games and watch them at home," said Troy.

On the plus side, this isn't an upfront payment. Season ticket holders get three years to pay the license fee off without any interest. This isn't effective immediately either.

We did some checking and "personal seat licenses" aren't rare in the NFL. About half of the teams use them, but prices vary. Take the new San Francisco 49ers stadium, there license fees range between $20 and $30 thousand for club level seats. That's between $325 and $375 dollars a game on top of ticket prices.

The New York Jets charge $30,000 for personal seat licenses at the club level, low-level sideline seats are $10,000. The Carolina Panthers charge $2 to $3 thousand for most seats in their stadium, and the Green Bay Packers charge fans $1,400 a seat.