Kathy Gaines

Posted at: 10/09/2013 7:34 PM
By: Laura Lee

(ABC 6 News) -- This weeks Excellent Educator teaches second grade at Holy Spirit Elementary in Rochester.
"It takes a village, someone very famous said that," says Kathy Gaines.

That someone was former First Lady Hilary Clinton who wrote a book using the traditional african proverb and it really does take a village and some very special teachers to raise children.

"My faith is the root of everything that we do," she says, "and education isn't just helping the children, but helping parents understand how to be a school parent."
Kathy Gaines has been teaching for 42 years, the last 29 with Rochester Catholic Schools.

"I'm just glad I am still around for smart boards," she chuckles.

Seeing a lot of change a long the way, "who likes to use computers? All of these children are learning at different stages and in different ways," says Gaines.
"It (technology) makes it possible to help each child at their level," she says.

But after more than four decades, one thing hasn't change...her love for students.

"I love what I do, because of these guys behind me and their smiles."