Students Learn Leadership Lessons

Posted at: 10/10/2013 7:01 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 News) -- It's a question that could have a significant impact on the future -- what makes a good leader?

On Thursday, some of today's leaders and some of tomorrow's leaders got together to share their answers.

"Welcome everybody ... the student council is ready" Ellis Middle School student council advisor Eric Vaughn said, welcoming a group of community leaders to his school.

"We have students really interacting with community leaders."

For members of "Leadership Austin" and the Ellis middle school student council, it was a chance to sit down over lunch and compare notes about “leadership.”

"What do they see as commonalities, and what are some things each could learn from the other?" advisor Eric Vaughn said.

The officers of the student council shared their thoughts with the crowd:

"I think that it is important that our world have good leaders because the leaders are the ones who help make change and can take charge in any situation", and “Leading a group or motivating them toward a goal they all have in common", and “You can assemble the most talented musicians in the world, but without a good conductor to bring them all together they would not perform up to their potential.”

"They just kind of take charge of a project, and they're showing the six pillars of character" said student council president Paiton Schwab. “These qualities are a priority to me in order to be a great leader both in our community and in our school."

And at the end of the leadership lunch, student council advisor Eric Vaughn said today’s leaders and tomorrow’s leaders probably have more similarities than differences: “I think what each can learn from the other is that leadership tends to transcend age and gender."