Navy's 238th Birthday Celebration at the Kahler Grand Hotel

Posted at: 10/13/2013 3:10 PM

Many people gathered at the Kahler Grand Hotel in Rochester to celebrate an important birthday.

It's the 238th birthday of the United States Navy.

The Navy Ball was a chance to show support for active duty units in Minnesota.

Some familiar faces from our ABC 6 team were also taking part in the event.

It was also a celebration of the young men and women who are currently serving in the Navy.

"We also have a number of students form the university of minnesota, and st thomas navel reserve officer training units. so we have a lot of folks that are going to end up being navel officers in the future," said Brian Skon, with the Navy League of the United States.

Besides dinner and drinks, the event also included a POW presentation, and an "Old Sailor, Young Sailor" presentation.