Superintendent Reaches Out to Parents Through Video Blog

Posted at: 10/14/2013 10:56 PM

(ABC 6 News ) -- We all know the challenges that come with living busy lives ... work, the kids' schedules and everything else. So if you don't have time to check what's going on at school until two o'clock Monday morning, that's alright."

“I've gone one that's a junior, one that's in eighth grade, one that's in sixth grade," Kevin Brown told us. He fits the profile of “busy parent”.

“We have had kids involved in sports and knowledge bowl to a little bit of everything."

“I'm going to try something a little bit different this year," Steve Sallee explained.

Recognizing that we live busy lives, Sallee, superintendent of the Southland and Leroy Ostrander school districts, this month launched an online video blog.

"So each time I do this I'm going to try to pick a couple of topics and it could be a reminder of different events coming yup at the school or just some of the hot topics we may be dealing with," Sallee explained in his first blog, which went online October first.

“We can go through and see what's going on and what Steve wants to put out there for us to look at," parent Kevin Brown said.

“The first topic I want to put out there is the topic of bullying," Steve Sallee explained in his October first debut.

The goal is to get school news to those who need it in a format that fits their busy lifestyles.

"We're hoping this is a way we can just improve some communication."

“I even checked it last night, looking to see what date something was going to happen. it makes it nice, just to double-check when you're busy and you don't have that paper in front of you," Kevin Brown said.

Think of it as the school newsletter of the 21st century.

"Thank you for tuning in to this video,” Steve Sallee ended his first blog. “I hope as the year goes on we will get some more of these out and use it as a way to communicate with you."

Steve Salle tells us he’d like to update the blogs twice a month.