Employees Evacuated after Portion of Building Collapses in Minneapolis

Posted at: 10/17/2013 12:14 PM
Updated at: 10/18/2013 7:09 AM
By: Tom Durian

Employees at a Minneapolis business were evacuated Thursday morning after a portion of the building they were in collapsed.

Construction crews were working on a new apartment building on North 5th Street and 6th Avenue North when the wall of a neighboring building fell to the ground. Workers from Weather Rite, a manufacturing company, were inside. No one was injured but everyone was evacuated from the building.

Building manager Jesse Hodapp says "We've had some continued issues with settling in the area and it looks like it became a little too much for the wall to handle and it came down today."

Nearby Fulton Brewery employees heard the collapse. Fulton Brewery President Bryan Petz said "Our employees inside were spooked... It's not something you hear everyday."

Brad Friefz, a spokesperson for Stonebridge Construction who is building the new apartment complex said crews would be out to figure out how to shore up the remaining portion of the wall and secure the building.

It is unclear if the building can be saved at this point. City engineers and construction company officials will evaluate the remaining structure. Right now the City of Minneapolis has deemed the building "unsafe".

A second incident had police and fire crews responding to a different building the next day. Early Friday morning, Minneapolis Police and Fire Departments responded to what was reported as a building collapse on the 3100 block of Emerson Avenue South. When they arrived, they found that some brickwork had fallen off a building. No one was injured, but building inspectors from the city are investigating what happened.