Rebirthing Faith Looking for a New Home

Posted at: 10/27/2013 6:57 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- An Austin Fellowship has been open for six months now, but is looking for a new home.

"We have to be able to reach more than just one city," said Zelda-Marie Green. "We just base everything on the word of God."

Green, her father and mother run Rebirthing Faith in Austin. The small fellowship is host to just a few families, and the family is trying to get a new facility to preach the word of God.

"Trying to find people that are kind of lost, people that's been in church for a while, but has been hurt by the church, so we almost call this a recovery room," said Fr. Warren Green.

The church is targeting those who’ve lost connection with their church, or do not feel comfortable there. The family has been in ministry for 17 years, also with a location in Winona.

"People that actually love the lord, but have been through some changes, some downfalls and want to let them know that God still yet loves them and we're here just to continue on with that ministry," said Fr. Green.

"We're not here to be mimickers of any other churches or any other bodies and things, whatever is laid on our hearts, that’s how we do it, that’s how we present it," said Zelda-Marie.

The church runs a little differently than your typical Sunday service. There is an abundance of music. He host is oyster crackers, and the blood is in little plastic cups.

"I felt very welcomed, very understood and I got a lot of answers to things I was confused and perplexed about," said Wade Novak, a worshipper. "I felt abandoned by my church."

Novak says he’s been attending Rebirthing Faith for 2 months now. The fellowship has only been around since April.

"Sometimes we have to walk in the wilderness for a few years before we get to the promised land," said Novak.

The Green family is hoping their promised land is a new facility so they can expand and help more people find Christ.