Rash of Vandalism Leaves Dozens Paying for Repairs

Posted at: 10/28/2013 6:21 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The week started on a sour note for some Austin residents.


Vandals have targeted cars and trucks parked around the city, and victims now number in the dozens.


"When I came out to the parking lot at my apartment building in Austin on Sunday morning I discovered that both of my rear tires had been slashed," Scott Richards told us.


Richards' car was one of more than 30 that were hit by vandals over the weekend.


"We've had lots of vehicles that have been towed in and several calls on pricing tires," said Jerry Erstad at the Firestone store in Austin. “Looking down the line of cars parked by the building every single vehicle had had at least one tire punched or slashed."


7 vehicles in that parking lot alone ... including Pastor Scott Richards'.


"So Sunday morning I'm up, I'm heading off to church, and to come out and find that you're not able to go," Richards said.


“They've been poked in the sidewall where a radial tire cannot be repaired, it has to be replaced," said Jerry Erstad, who saw the damaged tires at his shop.


The vandalism was reported from all over Austin, and it wasn’t limited to tires.


“We've seen two or three come in already this morning, which have been fairly messy,” said Mark Reynen at Collision Specialists in Austin. “Basically what we're seeing is hard objects being thrown through the glass, some windshields, some back glass."


Police tell us those hard objects were landscaping blocks or paver stones.

t's meant inconvenience for the victims … "You're definitely surprised and shocked," Pastor Scott Richards told us … and a busy day for repair shops.


"When it's simply a glass claim replacement, typical replacement is one day," said CSIs Mark Reynen.


“Usually tires, we try to figure we can have done in an hour, but it's been a couple of hours," said Firestone’s Jerry Erstad.


There could be some possible suspects in the vandalism spree -- a witness heard the vandalism, and saw a dark-colored four-door passenger car in the area. There were three or four people in the car, described as young men in their upper teens or low 20's.


"It is sad because it is a very senseless crime," victim Scott Richards said.


If you know anything that might help the investigation, you're asked to contact the Austin police department.