Haunted Rochester: Owners of Canvas and Chardonnay Claim Unexplainable Events

Posted at: 10/31/2013 11:10 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- A guest took a photo of her friends painting at Canvas and Chardonnay in Rochester, and well-known psychic Gary Spivey says there is a negative spirit in the background. You may not be a believer of those things, but we talked to the owners to get their take.

"We first moved in, in April and the building just felt creepy," said Canvas and Chardonnay owner Lisa Schneider. Then unexplainable things started happening. "The lights would flicker off and on, and then the lights would go completely out," said Schneider.

Inspectors took a look and found nothing. "The day that I changed it out I was locked in the bathroom literally for like an hour by myself. I didn't have a cell phone, I was in there screaming up a storm ended up literally busting down the door," said Schneider. How the door locked, nobody knows. "I thought it was my doorknob, but we got the door knob fixed, and now people get locked in there all the time," she said.

Something else happened to employee Elise Tensley in that room. She says it came from the basement. "I could feel the vibration in my feet but I was just trying to brush it off right away, but then I got out of the bathroom and realized she (Lisa) was on the other side of the building," said Tensley.

Plus, outside of the bathroom in their studio and in the very creepy basement, were more strange happenings. "We heard shuffling, kind of some breathing right next to my head," said Schneider.

It was all pretty spooky but they brushed it off, until the unusual photo popped up last week. They promise they did not “photoshop” the black, spooky figure into it. "We had discussed it amongst ourselves and used every possible explanation that we could, and we couldn't come up with anything that would explain it," said Tensley.

They sent it to someone who may have an answer, Gary Spivey. He's a well-known psychic that often appears on the KDWB Dave Ryan in the Morning Show. Here's what he had to say on-air. "It's a 'Grim Reaper Demon' that hangs out in hallways and bathrooms, and watches you while you go to the bathroom or shower, and holds you down at night. These are 'Incubus Succubus Demons'," said Spivey on the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show, "They have a hood, if you look that thing has a cloak over it. That's a great photo."

So, if it is a "Grim Reaper," why is it here? "The building was built in the 1880 so there's just endless history to it,” said Schneider. They say there was a butcher shop, music store, even an adult movie store, and that there was supposedly some tension between owners along the way.

Next door was Paine Furniture. “It was just two doors down and it also used to be one of those stores where they'd prep bodies for funeral stuff like that," claims Tensley. Plus in recent history, "There was a murder in the alley about two, three years ago," said Schneider. Of course, these are just speculations, but lets just say employees here have done their homework and truly believe Gary Spivey is right. "I feel safe, uneasy, but safe," said Tensley.

Those at Canvas and Chardonnay say they have already began yelling at the supposed “spirit” telling it to leave. They may even try salt at the door or “saging” the place among other rituals to get rid of it. You can let us know what you think by going to our Facebook page.