Man Scammed by Bogus Craigslist Ad

Posted at: 11/04/2013 11:10 AM

Photo credit: MGN
Photo credit: MGN

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Another reminder of why buyers should be wary of craigslist postings after a Rochester man is robbed while trying to make a purchase.

According to the Rochester Police Department a 20-year-old man had arranged to meet at the Cub Foods in Rochester to make a purchase of an electronics item 8 o’clock Saturday night.

The creator of the posting approached the male and asked for the money. The victim handed over the money. When the seller did not hand over the item in return, the victim tried to grab his money back.

The suspect ran to a vehicle that was waiting for him. The victim chased after him and eventually had his hand slammed in the car door.

The suspect is described as a black male with a slender build around 5’11” with dreads in his hair wearing a black hoodie and a white Nike hat. The vehicle is described as a purple 4-door passenger car that may be a Chevy Lumina.

Police are still investigating the incident. The victim was not seriously injured.