Body Found After Standoff in Kellogg

Posted at: 11/07/2013 6:25 PM
Updated at: 11/07/2013 6:42 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Schools were in lockdown for hours and residents evacuated from their homes during a standoff in Kellogg this morning.
The small city of Kellogg, just next door to Wabasha, was filled with police this morning. For more than five hours, they surrounded a house, and took every precaution possible during what they thought was a standoff with a gunman.
A multi-county swat team set up a perimeter outside a home in southwest Kellogg after reports of a gunshot.
Authorities say a roommate called 9-1-1 around five this morning.
An emergency response unit was immediately called to the scene and the police sent out a code red. Evacuating residents from the surrounding area, preventing school buses from coming into Kellogg and locking down two local schools for more than 4 hours.
Police eventually used a robot to search the home and discovered the other roommate's body.
"We got to make sure the public is safe and when you hear things like this occurring more time than not everywhere across the state you take every situation serious so we kind of go into lock down mode,” said Jim Warren, Wabasha Police Chief.
Police haven't released the man's identity as of yet, but neighbors think they know who the victim is. They describe him as a troubled man in his forties who was somewhat of a loner.
Authorities say the death is still under investigation, but hint that it may have been a suicide.