Dying to Share: Attorney Offers Advice on Preparing for a Death

Posted at: 11/12/2013 4:49 PM
Updated at: 11/13/2013 7:23 AM
By: Leslie Dyste

It's a difficult subject to talk about, but KSTP's Brad Sattin is shedding light on how to prepare for a loved one's death.

Based on our KSTP.com survey of 661 people, only 228 people say they have a will and have talked to their loved ones about their plans.

Brad sat down with St. Louis Park Attorney Jody Cohen Press for tips on how to prepare for a death.

Cohen Press suggested beginning the discussion by talking about a friend or relative who has died, then ask your aging parents "if they're prepared." She suggested updating a will after any "life event" including a marriage, job change or death in the family.

Life insurance is a key part of an estate plan, especially if you have kids. "You can't bring the person back, but you can take away some stress," she said.

It's also recommended to keep hard copies of documents in a safe but accessible place.

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