U of M Hybrid Operating Room Reduces Recovery Time

Posted at: 11/12/2013 3:41 PM
Updated at: 11/13/2013 7:33 AM
By: Todd Wilson

One of the most technologically advanced operating rooms in the country just opened at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Rumi Faizer was in the middle of a very complicated surgery when a KSTP crew stopped by the new hybrid operating room at the University of Minnesota Medical Center Fairview.

At 62-years-old, the man on his operating table had multiple aneurysms. Faizer's goal was to fix them to maintain the flow of blood to his vital organs.

"Here we're going to cut down on the arteries, so we're going to make a good sized wound on him here," Faizer said as he operated.

Dr. Steven Santili is a vascular surgeon, also with the U of M. He says the room Faizer was using combines a variety of technologies that allow surgeons to carry out procedures in a minimally invasive way. He says that means a shorter recovery time for the patient.

"The patient will probably have a one- or two-day hospital stay," Santili said.

To name a few, the X-ray machine produces 70 percent less radiation. That means less exposure during X-ray procedures, ultrasound and echo technology to help reduce or eliminate some surgical incisions.

"For us, we used to have to do a big incision in the chest, long recovery, long hospital stay. We can now do that procedure through sometimes two needle holes in the groin," he said.

Faizer says the new technology helps to improve safety, results and care for those who need it.