DOT: More than 1,000 Motorcycle Crashes Annually

Posted at: 11/15/2013 7:34 AM

MGN Online
MGN Online

ANKENY, Iowa (AP) - State officials say Iowa has averaged more than 1,000 motorcycle crashes annually over the last five years, including about 50 fatalities.
Des Moines television station KCCI says some of those crashes resulted in traumatic brain injuries.
Officials at a leading care facility for those types of injuries say they've seen an unusually high number of cases this fall. Seven motorcyclists have been brought to the brain injury rehab facility On With Life. Three more are expected to be transferred there in the next few weeks. Of those 10, officials say none were wearing helmets.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says 98 percent of motorcyclists in states with helmet laws wear them. In states without helmet laws, 48 percent of motorcyclists wear them.

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