Chloe Summerfield

Posted at: 11/20/2013 6:38 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- "At first, I wasn't going to play," Austin sophomore Chloe Summerfield said. "I was just there for hockey sign-ups with my brother, and then everyone asked, 'Why aren't you going to play?' so I just thought I'll give it a shot to play an extra sport, and I ended up loving it."

It used to be that soccer was Summerfield's primary sport, but that changed in elementary school.

Now, you can hardly keep the sophomore off the ice.

"Me and my teammates, when there would be open ice, we'd all get together and practice skating more to try and get faster," Summerfield said.

Fast foward to the opening week of the 2014 season, and Summerfield has four goals in three games.

"She had some nice plays, and she's continuing to make nice plays with the puck," Austin head coach Brett Vesel said.

Summerfield scored a hat trick in the Packers season-opening win against Waseca, Vesel's first win as the Packers head coach.

"My first few days with her, she wasn't taking the shots. She was passing it, but we needed more shots on net, so she's been doing that more and the puck's been going in the net for her," Vesel said.

"I'd definitely like to play a college sport, whether it's soccer or hockey, and right now, I'm leaning more towards hockey, but we'll just have to see later on," Summerfield said.