Minneapolis Winters Don't Have to be a Drag

Updated at: 11/21/2013 12:52 PM
By: Networx

Photo: daryl_mitchell/FlickrMinnesota winters are infamous, the kind of climate events that insiders bond over and outsiders can't even begin to imagine. The extreme cold of the American Midwest explains why Minneapolis HVAC technicians do a brisk business keeping homes toasty warm in the winter, but as the staff at the Minneapolis City Pages rush to assure readers, winters aren't all blizzards and frostbite.

They rounded up 50 reasons they love winter in Minnesota, including a range of activities and events that make their state home, and help them wile away those long, cold nights. So if you're feeling a little down and wondering how to fight the winter blues, you might want to take a look at their roundup of the myriad ways winter can be made just a little more fun.

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