Hemihypertrophy Impacts Austin Toddler

Posted at: 11/25/2013 6:29 PM
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- "I am so thankful for Mayo," said Shannon Tabor, a mother of a toddler with hemihypertrophy, a rare condition in which one side of the body grows bigger than the other.

Tabor says very happy to live so close to a world-renown medical facility like Mayo.

The condition impacts only one in 86,000 people. It is a condition people are born with. Shannon's 18-month old son Colton has it.

"His hand, his arm, his butt cheek, leg and foot are all bigger," said Tabor.

Colton's right side is growing bigger than his left, and will until he's finished growing. The condition will impact him the rest of his life. It can impact organs. He can be at much greater risk of tumors. He has one kidney larger than the other, and could more easily develop scoliosis, a condition in which the spine is curved from side to side. His first ultrasound showed he had a tumor, but it was benign.

"They did say that if it would have been left there that there was a good chance that it would have turned into cancer," said Tabor.

She says a lot of parents don't realize their child has the condition until the cancer stage. Colton will need to get blood work done every three months until he's 4 and ultra sounds until he’s 8. Every day comes with a little more struggle than the average kid.

"Walking: He did start a little late because he had to adjust one leg is longer than the other so when he would walk the one foot would kind of catch and drag," said Tabor.

The cold weather has already caused a few tears.

“With the weather changes and stuff like that, like with older people, how they can feel the weather changes in their bones, it kind of affects them too," said Tabor.

For more information on the condition, he is the website: www.liftuphemi.com