Evan Schlee

Posted at: 11/27/2013 10:43 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- "He's maybe the hardest worker I've had," fifth-year Stewartville head coach Jon Severson said. "He's a gym rat. He's bugging me to get in the gym all the time."

That's the thing about Evan Schlee. He's always looking to add to his arsenal.

In Stewartville's season opener on Friday, he debuted a new move - the step-back jumper.

"I've actually never done it before. That was the first time I'd done the step-back, and it worked," Schlee said.

"It's something that we've talked to him about, because he loves to get to the rim so much, but as you start playing at a higher level, teams are going to close the gaps, but he's a sponge. He soaks all that stuff up and applies it as quickly as he gets it," Severson said.

The junior is averaging more than 14 points in the Tigers first three games, including 18 yesterday against Lake City.

All that, despite his relative inexperience.

"The thing with Evan is he's only been playing organized ball for a couple years, so he's learning some of the intracacies, the in-game things that you just learn by playing," Severson said.

And to think, Schlee's love affair with the game started when he moved to Grand Meadow.

"There was a court outside my house, and I started playing on the court," Schlee said. "Then I moved to Rochester, and started playing at the YMCA, and now I play for the school, so I started taking it more seriously."