Fire Deaths on the Rise in Baltimore

Updated at: 12/05/2013 12:14 PM
By: Networx

Photo: Niccolò Caranti/Flickr.2012 marked a record low in fire deaths in Baltimore, a cause for celebration. But in 2013, the city made an abrupt reversal, and fire deaths are now trending upwards again, leading to concern among fire officials and other city authorities as well as members of the public. Why are so many fires claiming lives in Baltimore after the city seemed to be on track to make a dent in fire-related deaths?

It's tricky to determine why, but the increase is certainly a reminder that it's important for owners of multi-unit buildings to conduct periodic inspections, follow advice from fire officials, and ensure that tenants have a fire evacuation protocol. In individual residences, it's also key to make sure that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed and working, something a Baltimore electrician can help with. Landlords are responsible for the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors at key points, so tenants concerned about costs can check to see if their landlords will help out with the expense.

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