Arctic Blast Brings Historic Temps to Minnesota; Schools and Businesses Close

Posted at: 01/05/2014 11:03 AM
Updated at: 01/05/2014 11:28 PM
By: Leslie Dyste

A cold snap that that National Weather Service is calling "historic and dangerous" has arrived in Minnesota.

A wind chill warning is in effect until Tuesday at noon.

As of Sunday at 11 p.m., temperatures in the Twin Cities had dropped to the teens below zero. KSTP.com meteorologist Dave Dahl expected temperatures to drop into the 20s below zero later Sunday night with wind chills at 40 to 55 below zero.

Northern Minnesota is experiencing the coldest temperatures in the state.

It will be even colder Monday than it was Sunday. Dave is predicting a high of 14 degrees below zero in the Twin Cities on Monday afternoon.

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Historic Temps

Dave says the coldest high temperature in the Twin Cities on record is 20 degrees below on Jan. 15, 1988. A more recent record high of 17 degrees below zero was set on Feb. 2, 1996.


Due to the frigid temperatures all of Minnesota's K-12 public schools are closed on Monday. Gov. Mark Dayton made the announcement Friday. A number of college campuses, businesses and ski resorts are also closing down due to the cold.

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Cold Weather Dangers

Frostbite and Hypothermia

Dave is reminding viewers flesh can freeze in a matter of minutes in these types of temperatures, so if you're planning on venturing out at all over the next few days, cover as much of your face as possible. Click here to learn more about frostbite and hypothermia.

These frigid temperatures can also cause problems for your pets. We checked in with Dr. Kristi Flynn of the U of M Veterinary Medical Center for tips on how to keep your pets safe.

Car Trouble

For Minnesotans who have to go out Monday to go to work, there's a fear that our cars won't start in these cold temperatures.

KSTP checked in with Four Star Auto in Minneapolis to find the best way to get things up and running.

The first thing you should do if your car won't start is check your owner's manual. Tricks to start vehicles vary from model to model. Some recommend waiting 20 seconds and giving it another try while others recommend giving it some gas.

You should also turn off all accessories like your heater, radio and lights to maximize your starting power.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.