Search Resumes for 4th Victim Presumed Drowned

Posted at: 01/07/2014 10:04 AM
Updated at: 01/07/2014 6:21 PM
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Divers continued their search Tuesday for the body of Andy Kingsbury, a 29-year-old La Crosse, Wisconsin man. Kingsbury is presumed drowned after the SUV he and 3 friends were in plunged into the Mississippi River on Sunday.

As of yet, no body has been found, but divers don't anticipate him being too far from the hole where Blake Overland, 28, another victim, was pulled Monday.

"We haven't come up with anything right now. We got cameras in the water and hopefully we can find him soon and they get closure for the families," said Sheriff Dave Brand.

This is the second major incident where a vehicle has plunged into the river. In 1997, five St. Mary's students were killed when their vehicle went crashing into the river.
The two other victims in this incident: Christina Lee Hauser, 36, and Matthew Erickson, 30, were found dead in the car when it was pulled from the water on Sunday.
Divers continue to use sonar, drill holes, and use underwater cameras in hopes of finding the body.