Cold Weather Heats Up Business For Travel Agents

Posted at: 01/07/2014 5:37 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It’s an odd kind of perspective, when a day like Monday can make a day like Tuesday seem warm. But believe it or not, as warm as it seems, there are places where the water's not frozen.

"It just gets to be wild here," said Mary Jo Follmuth at Bursch Travel in Austin.

With the coldest temperatures in 20 years dragging us into the deep freeze, travel agents are hearing from more and more of us who are crying "uncle".

"Probably trying to tough it out during the winter, but now with that cold snap they're ready to get out of here," Mary Jo Follmuth explained.

“Who doesn't want to get away from sub-zero temperatures?” asked Taylor Bliese. “Anywhere with some sand and some sun is looking pretty good right about now."

Next month, Taylor Bliese will be one of those making a mid-winter escape, "We are going to the Hard Rock Resort in Puerta Vallarta."

"Florida or Phoenix, we've seen some good prices, but also to those Mexican resorts ... Cancun, Puerta Vallarta," Bursch Travel’s Mary Jo Follmuth told us.

“We so look forward to going on these trips, especially during times like this, and I think this just fuels our excitement," Taylor Bliese said. “We come back refreshed and with a new perspective, and it's kind of a good way to start a new year."

"We probably see a lot more couples who leave the kids with grandma and grandpa,” Bursch Travel’s Mary Jo Follmuth explained. “More families.”

And even though her trip is still more than a month away, Taylor Bliese is one day closer to a place where the water's not frozen.

"Even not so enjoyable tasks like looking for that new swim suit, I can stand it when it's this cold outside," she laughed.