Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede Will Run For Re-election

Posted at: 01/10/2014 6:00 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede has announced that he will run for re-election again this year. We talked with Brede today, about what made the decision such an easy one for him.

During his annual state of the city address this week, mayor Brede made the early announcement. He says there's just too much good going on in Rochester now, to not want to be a part of it.

Brede has been the mayor of Rochester going on 12 years now. He says having been through the legislative process for Destination Medical Center and being on the board, he would like to see it through as mayor. With growth coming to the area, he says promoting diversity is just one of his goals if he were to be reelected. He also mentioned working with the Rochester school systems and looking for ways to close learning gaps as Rochester becomes a more thriving community.

"It's not a full time job it's a full time joy", says Brede. "This is just a wonderful city to be mayor of when I go around people do talk about man it must be quite exciting to be the mayor of that city.”

Mayor Brede also feels he represents the city well on the local, state and national level. So far, no one else has announced their intention to run against him.