Warmer Weather Draws People Out for Car Care

Posted at: 01/10/2014 7:02 PM
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 News) -- Friday was a busy day at Rochester Toyota.

"We’re catching up," said Todd Lange with the dealership.

Lange says that with the cold weather come car issues.

"We had a lot of vehicles that had to stay here for extended repairs. A lot of cold weather related items," said Lange.

As temperatures reached a sweltering 31 degrees Friday, people were taking advantage and getting their cars cleaned.

"Usually warm weather, dry roads, and no rain or snow in the forecast is when we see a lot of our traffic," said Nicholas Pirius with Mister Car Wash.

Wiper fluid is the biggest seller this time of year, according to Lange.

"Lots of wiper fluid this time of year, the roads get real slushy and real dirty," said Pirius.

"Right now when you get a little bit of thaw and all that road grime is getting kicked up onto the windshield. That's when you're going to use quite a bit more," said Lange.

Lange says people use at least twice as much wiper fluid during this time of year than the rest of it, and that the recent weather has brought cars in with some interesting issues.

"The electrical systems are the most common. We do get some strange complaints with cold weather, a lot of strange noises, creaks and rattles that don't present themselves until it gets 20-30 below zero," said Lange.