Wrestling Down Under

Posted at: 01/20/2014 12:28 AM
Updated at: 01/20/2014 12:31 AM

As a freshman at NRHEG last spring, Wyatt Fitterer wrestled in the state tournament.

He didn't win a state championship. In fact, he didn't even place. Instead he won the chance of a lifetime.

Wyatt's wrestling career started as a bet he made with one of his friends when he was in 7th grade.

"I was going to go into basketball and he wanted me to go into wrestling so we played a game of horse and he bet me if he beat me I would go into wrestling. He won so that’s how I got into wrestling," said sophomore wrestler Wyatt Fitterer.

I think it's safe to say things turned out okay for Wyatt on the wrestling mat. In November he received a letter inviting him to compete in the 16th annual Down Under Sports wrestling meet, in Australia.

I found a little mail slip in my locker. I guess people were saying it's just fraud but my coach, Mr. P, went to it before and he told me about," said Fitterer.

This coming June Wyatt will be one of two wrestlers to represent the State.

"It's an honor to be one of those people to represent Minnesota," said Fitterer.

Wyatt along with a number of wrestlers from all over the world were handpicked to compete in the Down Under Tournament based on his stats from last season.

"He wrestled a quality opponent in the first round of the state tournament and then met the eventual champion of River Valley and he wrestled really strong against a guy that went undefeated last year. I think that caught the eyes of some recruiters," said head coach Shawn Larson. 

Right now Wyatt wrestles folkstyle. But in Australia he will be wrestling freestyle, which is a style he has never wrestled before.

“If he learns a few techniques he should be just fine but it will also be a learning experience for him,” said Larson.

But in order to even wrestle in the land down under, Wyatt has to pay his own way, which is why all the money that sponsors will donate throughout the year for every pin the team gets, will go towards Wyatt’s trip. 

“A lot of us have tried to ask more people and raise more money because it’s kind of a special deal for him,” said team captain Dillon Parpart.

“Some of them are trying a little harder. I know Wyatt’s cheering a little harder when they have them on their back,” said Larson.

And when June comes and Wyatt is in Australia, the state will be cheering for him. 

To sponsor Wyatt go to https://www.downundersports.com/make-payment