Engineers Bring STEM Projects to KM Students

Posted at: 01/21/2014 6:24 PM
Updated at: 01/21/2014 6:32 PM
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It was one of those days at Kasson-Mantorville Elementary School where every kid wanted to go to class. It was the 3rd annual Engineering Day.

"We hope it stimulates them to go and do something on their own because that's i think really where the learning takes place," said engineer Dave Edmonson.

Edmonson was one of 14 engineers from Benchmark helping out with activities such as paper rocket making and marshmallow catapults. The purpose of all the activities is to enhance STEM skills in the kids.

"Trying to figure out some way for the kids to have a good time, but yet at the same time, maybe get them to be a little adventurous, apply something they may have seen outdoors, get them to use their imagination,” said Lance Gabrielson, an engineer.

Colleen Kennedy taught an activity called ‘float the boat,’ where kids created boats out of tin foil, pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks, and tried to make them float.

"We tried to get across displacement and how water is not compressible so the boat is going to push down as much as the water is going to be pushing up," said Kennedy.

The engineers said they are trying to pick activities the kids could do at their own homes. According to Edmonson, working within the confines of a group helps kids to learn.

"It’s so hands on. It's sort of technique dependent so they kind of learn to be careful and they get different results depending on how careful they are," said Edmonson.