Feeling Unlucky? Score Big Win With No Matches in New Lotto Game

Posted at: 01/24/2014 9:03 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News) -- When it comes to lottery games, how many times have you come up empty with no matching numbers? Well that's a winning ticket in a new lotto game.

Minnesota and Iowa Lotteries announced a joint lotto today called "All or Nothing."
Players can win the grand prize of $100,000 by matching all of the winning numbers or none of them.

It costs one dollar to play, and you pick 12 numbers out of 24.  The game has an hourglass prize structure offering 10 ways to win.

"It's quite a very winnable game, the odds of a prize are about one in four and a half, so its has pretty much the same odds as a scratch ticket, which are a lot better than most lotto-style games,"  Ed Van Petten, Executive Director of the Minnesota State Lottery, said. 

This is the first time the two states have launched a lotto style game like this.  You can start playing when it comes out Tuesday.