Schools Closings Create Problems for Parents

Posted at: 01/27/2014 6:42 PM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Once again this year, schools across the area have been cancelled because of the weather. While that's welcoming news for the kids who get to have a snow day; it can be hard for parents trying to find child care.

School is closed, the school daycare is closed; what are we going to do with the kids? It seems to be the million dollar question for many parents, including several I talked to Monday in Rochester.

"Puzzles get old after a while," said Sharon Kamm, who spent the day with her three grandkids at Bounce World in Rochester.

"My two daughters, one lives in Stewartville, one lives in Rochester, and with no school today, it's a little too cold to leave them home alone. So, grandma had the day off." said Kamm.

Sharon says her daughters were in the same boat as a lot of parents.

"it's not easy. It's a tough thing. You have to go to work. So, what do you do with your children?" said Kamm.

"Yeah, it's a day off school. The kids are going crazy, bouncing off the walls. So we thought it'd be good to get out and do something," said Rochester moms Tricia Renk and Breanna Breven, who both brought their children to Bounce World.

I spoke with several home daycares too who say they get calls on days like this from parents looking for backup care.

And while she got to spend the day with her grandkids, Sharon says she is ready for winter to be over.

"It's too cold. It's too cold. If I had my wits about me, I'd be someplace warm for a couple of months," said Kamm.

So far this school year, in the Rochester district alone, there have been two full snow days called out by the district, another full day called out by the governor, and one late start. And with 51 days left of winter, there's a pretty good chance this won't be the last time parents are scrambling to find childcare.