Plows, Wreckers and Body Shops Busy

Posted at: 01/27/2014 6:50 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- The roads are slick even after the plows come through and many drivers rely on tow companies to get them out of a bind. While most can try to avoid the cold, these workers are out there day and night.

"We could not see in front of us. All we could pretty much see were the lights. I was worried about just anyone walking around," said tow driver Albert Ochoa with CSC Towing in Rochester.

It's calls like those that are a nightmare for tow truck drivers. It’s a dangerous drive to find the wreck, then having to step out of the truck when you get there is sometimes worse. "Ice on my lashes and my brows and my beanie was frozen," said Ochoa.

No matter how many layers, they say it feels like never enough in subzero temperatures and blowing snow. Plus, these conditions are when tow truck drivers are out there the most. They say, they have almost no time to thaw out in between car rescues. "We're out there all day and night, just constantly. There are nights where we don't get any rest," said Ochoa.

While their business started to slowly wind down Monday... "I'm sure this week, the next three or four days here, we'll be busy," said Thomas Wasmund with Med City Collision. Auto body shops are busy taking in the cars tow drivers went to go fetch. Just since Sunday, a packed garage here at Med City Collision.

"My shop production is at capacity," said Wasmund. They're already booked halfway through next month, just from the recent crashes. "My guys have been working long, long, days without time off," said Wasmund.