Jayme Lamers

Posted at: 01/29/2014 8:49 PM
By: Laura Lee

(ABC 6 News) -- This weeks Excellent Educator is from Austin.

"Thank you, I'm very honored," says Jayme Lamers.

Ms. Lamers teaches third grade at Southgate Elementary and loves seeing her students grow and develop.

"It's just very exciting to watch as they move through the school year," she says.

When asked what she has learned about herself as a teacher, Ms. Lamer says, " to always expect change."

Especially after ten years in the district and seeing how much has changed.  "We didn't have computers when I was in school and now many of these kids can use computers daily and they're good at it, sometimes even teaching me."
But one thing hasn't, what she wishes for her students.

"To work hard and always believe in themselves because we all have differences that make us special."