Zach Wessels

Posted at: 02/05/2014 10:52 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- "A lot of wins. That's what (Zach) is about. He's a very competitive person, and it's about winning for him," Austin head coach Kris Fadness said.

"By me scoring, or my teammates scoring, I don't care," Austin point guard Zach Wessels said.

"I think the most impressive record for Zach is the fact that in his four years now, he's been a part of 83 wins," Fadness said. "That's averaging over 20 a year, and we're still going this year, so who knows where that's going to stop, but it's quite a run."

A run that has put Wessels in the Austin history book.

Two weeks ago, he broke the Packers all-time scoring mark.

"I had no clue," Wessels said. "Someone came into the locker room and told me I was 16 points away. And I was shocked, because I'm not known totally as a scorer."

"The crazy thing about it is he's never been the leading scorer on our team," Fadness said. "He's been starting since his freshman year, and he's never been the leading scorer, yet he's the all-time scoring leader, so it's quite an accomplishment."

"One night, I scored 26 against Mayo. Last Friday, I had six, and I just don't care. We got wins, and that's all that matters," Wessels said.

Wednesday is National Signing Day, but Wessels signed with Sioux Falls back in November.

"That was so stressful," Wessels said. "So now I can just play, and have fun, and win games."