"Marriage at Work" with Ken and Betsy

Posted at: 02/10/2014 5:55 PM
Updated at: 02/10/2014 6:24 PM

She's someone many of you are probably familiar with. Betsy singer has been anchoring the news in southeast Minnesota for more than a decade.

What you may not know, is that Betsy's husband Ken is also in broadcasting. He works behind the scenes at ABC 6 producing the 5 o'clock news. It's the show Betsy anchors.

Betsy says, "He gets to tell me what to do now all the time at work." Ken adds, "It's the joke. I get paid to tell her what to do."

But working together isn't anything new. It's actually how they met.

"We worked previously at another TV station. She was doing the anchoring. I was doing the weekend weather and we just got to know one another very well. I told the sports guy at the time I'm going to marry this girl," says Ken.

And he did. A year-and-a-half after meeting, Betsy and Ken tied the knot.

Betsy jokes, "You and your Kiss song. Our first dance was to Kiss. What a bunch of garbage that was."

In April they'll celebrate their 13th anniversary. They're the proud parents of two little boys.

"We focus most of our time on our kids. When we come home we try to shut it off because we only have a couple hours with our kids before we have to put them to bed and taking that that angst and anxiety from work just isn't worth it," says Ken.

When the two are at work, they work together closely. But not exactly how you might think.

Ken laughs, "Probably the best thing is we work in separate buildings."

Ken is based in Austin. Betsy anchors out of Rochester.The two communicate planning the 5 o'clock news via phone calls and online messaging.

When it's show time, Ken is in the production booth. Betsy is in the studio.

Betsy says, "We can disagree as long as I show him respect, and that I respect him even if I don't agree with him. That's what makes it work."

On the job, and at home. The couple has a strong faith in God and family comes first.

"I love that he loves me in a way that I have never known. I love that he loves me in a way that I have never known. I love that he makes me feel important, needed and useful. He's got my back always," says Betsy.

Ken adds, "I've just never known and never loved anyone like this before and for her to have our two kids. How could you not love her more for that?"

Other couples being featured include doctors and business owners. Stay tuned.