Neighbor Grateful for Teen Who Put Out Fire

Posted at: 02/11/2014 11:07 PM

(ABC 6 News) --A 13-year-old Rochester boy is being hailed a hero tonight after rushing to help a neighbor.

Around 6:30 Monday night fire crews arrived at a house fire.  But before that, Noah says that someone was knocking on his door asking for help.  A grease fire had started in his neighbor's kitchen, spreading to the curtains and some cabinets.

Noah says he ran over and put it out, while the homeowner was having an asthma attack triggered by the smoke.

"I was probably the one who was freaking out the most," Noah said. "I was like jumping around going 'where's the ambulance' and stuff."

We spoke with his neighbor who tells us she was so impressed with how brave Noah was, and how he took the initiative to help put the fire out.

"He's a huge reason, a huge part of the reason that it didn't turn out so much worse than it could have so we're just, my family is just so grateful, my dogs are okay, my kids are okay, and that's all that matters," Lisa Pederson, whose kitchen caught fire, said.

Lisa says her family is staying with some friends right now. The local red cross also assisting them.

As for Noah, because of his heroic efforts, Rochester's fire captain has nominated him for their yearly "good deeds" award.