Michael Hurt

Posted at: 02/12/2014 6:40 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Sophomore Michael Hurt is arguably the best shooter on the JM Rockets roster.

He's shooting close to 50 percent from the field, and averaging about 19 points per game.

"My teammates know how to get me open. They know where I like to shoot from on the court. I give all the credit to them," said Hurt.

If you've ever watched Michael play, it's not hard to see what makes him such a threat.

"I'd say the strongest part of my game is that I’m tall, and I’m able to shoot and also go inside, so I can do both things," Hurt said.

If the defense gives Michael the shot, he'll make them pay.

"It just all depends on what my defender is doing. If they're letting me have the shot, then I'll take that,” said Hurt.

"He definitely helped us expand the court a bit by stepping out and hitting some threes,” said senior Kyle Gossman.

But if they give him the lane, he'll get to the basket.

"I'll use my teammate's screen to try and get to the hoop and try and get fouled," said Hurt.

"He can knock down threes or take you to the hoop, so it’s really hard to guard him,” said senior Emerson Gonyea.

And with two years left at John Marshall, Michael's teammate can only imagine his game getting even better.

"He'll be one of the more dominant players in Minnesota. I'm sure he'll break the record for points at JM," said Gossman.

"He'll be one of the top guys in the Big 9 next year for sure, if he's not already this year, because if he works as hard this summer as he did last summer who knows what he'll be able to do," said Gonyea.