Marriage at Work: Picture Perfect

Posted at: 02/12/2014 10:03 PM
By: Betsy Singer

(ABC 6 News) -- It is said that every picture has a story to tell, every detail seen through the lens of those living it.  For Scott and Kelly Schoeberl, their lives together began sweet and unique like a picture taken out of a story book. 

“We met through a fortune cookie,” Scott said. “I had a friend who had owned a Vietnamese restaurant. I would wait tables for him a couple nights a week when I taught school. Then Kelly and her sister came in and I was kind of picking on them and having fun with them. There is this trick where you can take a fortune out of a fortune cookie and put a new one in. So i set one on their table that said, ‘if you ask your waiter out for coffee he’ll say yes.’”

Kelly said, “It’s that quintessential scenario. Someone picked you out of a crowd and they thought you were special.  And to do it in such a creative way.”

He was a photography teacher in the Twin Cities, she was in public affairs.  They were married in 2001, and a job offer for Kelly at Mayo brought these two to Rochester where their lives were really about to begin.

Scott's creative talent combined with Kelly's business side evolved into the opening of their own company, Olive Juice Photography Studio. An intimate work space with a lot of alone time, that for some couples, would be a relationship breaker.

Scott agrees, “we spend so much time together.  It’s nice for us to go our separate ways too. I try to get away and go fishing.  Kelly will try to go shopping once in a while. But it’s because we’re together all the time, you kind of need that little break to rejuvenate yourself and then, after we take a day apart we come back and we miss each other again.”

Outside the studio and away from work they share a beautiful little boy and a common love of spending yet more time in an intimate space, their kitchen.

“I think being a parent is easier for being a couple that works together. It’s because at work, we’re used to working toward a common goal. We have the shared vision of where the business needs to go, where art needs to go. So when we get home we’re still in that mode,” Kelly said.

“It's all what you put into it.  But I didn’t think that marriage can be this cool. You know, and the nice part about us is that we get to work together so it’s kinda like I'm working with my best friend all the time,” Scott said.

Their lives together started with a simple fortune cookie and their work puts them behind a camera as they capture the essence of other people's important life moments but together their marriage is their own beautiful portrait.