Hayfield Native Creates Unique Dating Website

Posted at: 02/13/2014 10:45 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- A Hayfield native has created an online dating site that's different from others. This one is geared toward people already in a relationship.

You've probably seen the commercials or maybe tried out one of the sites yourself, like Eharmony or Match. Online dating is as popular as ever.

Now a Minnesota man is changing the way its done.

"It's a matchmaker site for everyone," says Tony Kramer.

Kramer is a graduate of Hayfield High School and founder of the new online dating site SparkStarter.

Kramer says, "It's not just a site for singles, which is a concept that's king of foreign to people, but we're really about having people as mutual friends go into the site and help other friends."

SparkStarter connects people using their Facebook information. You can search for yourself or compare two friends you think would be a good match.

"See who of my mutual friends are doing the same type of things. Maybe it's going to a coffee shop all the time or working out or maybe they like the Minnesota Twins," says Kramer.

The site then gives them a compatibility score and you can choose to start a spark which can start them in conversation.

Kramer says, "We're really trying to use that mutual friend and say hey, this person is a good person, you should meet up. You do have a lot in common and that connection point makes people feel at ease with meeting."

SparkStarter is in the process of being turned into a mobile app. That is expected to be available in the next couple of months.