Marriage at Work: Healing Hearts

Posted at: 02/14/2014 7:01 PM
Updated at: 02/18/2014 7:17 PM
By: Laura Lee

(ABC 6 News) -- When you think of love, who better to understand it than someone who's job is to fix broken hearts.

"I have a strong personality, so I knew in my heart it that I needed to find a man that had a strong enough ego that would not be threatened, so for us it worked," says Dr. Sharonne Hayes.

It has worked, in fact for more than 50 years combined, the couple has worked for Mayo Clinic.
Doctors David and Sharonne Hayes are cardiologists.  David, a medical director for The Affiliated Network and Sharonne, the founder of the Women's Heart Clinic.

"Just because he got there first shouldn't be the reason I don't do it," says Sharonne, "we've been lucky to be at Mayo and have the careers we have."

And leave it to luck to bring these two together.

When asked how they met, David chuckles, "theres a long version and a short version."
"The short version is we really got to know each other, I was already on staff, Sharonne came back to do her residency and I got to know her when she was on the cardiology rotation," he says.

The long version, they had met several years prior at a dance of all things.  David was playing the piano.

"We played for the Mayo High School father daughter dance, my advisor was at the dance with his daughter," says David, pointing to Sharonne, "so I met her when she was in high school," he chuckles.

"We were introduced back then, but he was just that old guy behind the piano," laughs Sharonne.

"He just asked me out," recalls Sharonne.  "And the rest is history," replies David.
30 years of history to be exact, filled with balancing family, careers and their marriage.

"We did our best especially early on to avoid both traveling when the children had activities, compromising is being the most important lesson," says David. The couple has two children, Sarah and Drew. 

When they're not mending hearts, they like working out together and catching up on some Netflix.
"But there is a rule, that if you're watching the series and you can't wait to watch the next episode, you can't watch it if the other one is out of town," says David.

The pair also loves to travel.  "The only difference between our travel likes and dislikes is I don't like to go on vacation and learn things, Sharonne does," laughs David, "this is where compromise comes in, so we have to balance the beach with the museums."

"And you realize, that's why I married you," says Sharonne.
"For me, love is both the passion, but also the mutual respect," she says.

Respect for each other, their work and their marriage.

The Hayes will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this September. They plan to take a trip to Myanmar.