Northwood Evacuees Sent To Kensett

Posted at: 02/20/2014 7:27 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 News) -- The community center in Kensett is a former school, and on Thursday the auditorium was filled once again.

“This morning around nine o'clock I had a phone call" Northwood resident Kris Rice told us.

For many Northwood residents, it was the first indication something was wrong.

“Her father came and knocked on our door and told us ..." one girl explained …

"... Northwood residents are asked to evacuate immediately" Kris rice continued.

“Chemical plant you know exploded out by the airport. Don't want to breathe, because it's just so nasty" another evacuee told us.

"People have to go somewhere, so we have this facility available, we were called, they said expect an influx of people" Kensett Mayor Tom Dakin said.

Many residents were evacuated to Kensett on school buses.

"We have two other venues that are relatively full in town, with people that don't have friends, relatives south of here to go to" Mayor Tom Dakin said.

"Although it doesn't look real busy now in the background there's an entire nursing home."

“I’m just waiting to find out when I can go back to Northwood" Kris Rice said.

“We have cots available here, we have cots available at city hall we have all the pet owners with their pets, we have a dining service set up, we have a huge generator set up right outside the community center" Mayor Tom Dakin explained.

“Are you frightened?" we asked two girls who were just leaving the evacuation center to spend the night in Mason City.

"A little bit" they admitted.