Ukraine Crisis Impacting Local Adoptions

Posted at: 03/03/2014 6:15 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- It's a country at the center of an international standoff. Political unrest in Ukraine has Russia's military intervening, and that's of great concern to the United States and its allies. While the military and diplomats are deciding Ukraine's future, lost are children in orphanages, hoping to find a new start. A Rochester family that has already adopted two boys, has been trying to adopt a girl, but the unrest has made that very difficult.
The Berg family adopted Ethan and Justin and are still waiting for their daughter to come home. "Ethan introduced us to Masha. He pointed her out, she's a girl that’s over there in Kiev, right outside the city of Kiev, by herself and he poked me and pointed at her and said ‘Masha, sister?’" said adoptive father Dave Berg. Their daughter Masha is at the same orphanage in Ukraine where they met Justin and Ethan. They were supposed to be picking her up this month.
"Now that the paperwork is there, I think it's delayed a little bit because of the government and being shut down for a short period of time," said adoptive mother Cathy Berg ( Anderson).
"Ever since things kind of erupted there in November, we've been kind of glued to the news to keep tabs on how things are going," said Dave. Now, Masha's parents are even more anxious to get her out of there. Masha is too. "She's ready to come home, she's been ready to come home since last summer," said Dave.
They've been told it's not a safe time for them to enter Ukraine. "They've got an advisory that advises United States citizens to evaluate their travel," said Dave. The warning says only essential trips should be made, and to the bergs, this is. "It's an essential trip, she's a part of our family," said Dave.
"Yes, it's a scary trip. Yes, it's going into the unknown, but she's our child and we're determined to get her home as soon as possible and I can’t wait to see her," said Cathy.
Dave and Cathy have high hopes that the disputes in Ukraine will only delay their trip by a couple weeks, especially since they've already completed most of the adoption process through the European Children Adoption Service in the Twin Cities.  We'll be sure to share their progress.