Daylight Saving Time Begins Sunday

Posted at: 03/08/2014 9:47 AM

(KSTP) - It’s time to spring forward once again…if you still have real clocks in your home.

The cellphones many people now use for timepieces and alarm clocks update automatically--so the main thing is to know that if you don’t’ adjust your sleep schedule this weekend you are likely to be late for work come Monday.

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday at 2 a.m. That means you should turn your clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed Saturday.

If you forget about the change, that puts you an hour late to church, work, or wherever you have to be Sunday morning.

Fire officials would also like to remind you that when changing your clocks, it’s also a good time to change smoke detector batteries and check to make sure those devices are in working order.