Public Asked to Improve School Transportation Safety

Posted at: 03/10/2014 6:29 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- They come five days a week, by foot and by bike and by some methods you probably can't imagine. But is the trip as safe as it could be?

"We looked at opportunities for improving the safety of our streets, our trails, our sidewalks," said chairman Steve Kim of the Austin Vision 2020 Bike/Walk Committee.

When the committee started to research how safe it is to get to and from school, it put that question to the people making the trip.

"What do you think are the problems, because this is what we think is a problem, but you live here," said committee member Robin Krueger.

“If there is a reason why they would not want their child to walk or bike to school, is there a concern?" added chair Steve Kime.

“We have several large arteries in Austin that children have to cross in order to get to school," committee member Robin Krueger said.

“Is there a corner, is there a crossing, something that concerns them," Steve Kime said.

The committee received a planning grant from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to create a survey on the Austin school district website.

"How are we going to protect the pedestrians that are wanting to walk and exercise from the traffic flow," committee member Robin Krueger asked.

“So we talked about some solutions, possibly a speed sign or a flashing sign or crossing sign, something that would help with that," said committee chair Steve Kime.

The Bike/Walk Committee expects a final safety report by early this summer.

"They'll give us some plausible solutions, and then give us some ideas of what we can and can't do, based on our city," Robin Krueger said.

“It gives us a better chance of applying for grants to implement and pay for making the upgrades or whatever we need to do," chair Steve Kim added.

The Bike/Walk Committee will host a community open house Monday, March 17th starting at 3:30pm at Holton Intermediate school in Austin.

They'd like to hear your ideas on making the trip to school safer for everyone.