No Summer School Program At Rochester Public Schools

Posted at: 03/10/2014 10:48 PM
Updated at: 03/10/2014 10:56 PM
By: Laura Lee

(ABC 6 News) -- As the Rochester Public School District gets ready for all day kindergarten this Fall, school officials have decided to cancel its summer school program.

"We're really on a mad rush to get buildings and classrooms built for all day kindergarten," says Superintendent Michael Munoz, with Rochester Public Schools (RPS).
The district is expected to launch all day kindergarten this Fall, meaning this Summer will be busy with renovations.
"As we sat down and looked at a number of buildings that were available, it didn't seem feasible to offer a program," says Munoz.  He is talking about the Summer School Program.
The four week program, operating Monday through Thursday, offering support in reading and math will be cancelled as ten of the districts elementary schools will be seeing a change.   
"We really didn't have enough sites to offer up summer school like we've done in the past," he adds.

The decision will impact about 1000 students who typically attend summer school.  District leaders anticipate some opposition, but hope families can understand their decision.
"I would hope they would understand, with us not having facilities," says Munoz.

Meantime, we're told eight summer programs will be available including the Special Education program, the High School Recovery Program and the Rochester Alternative Learning Center.

The Summer Food Service Program is different from the Summer School Program,  so it will also remain open.

"For the last couple of years, we have been looking at our summer school program, is the half day, four days a week really making an impact like it should," says Munoz, "and after this year we'll really have an opportunity to really study it and see what changes we have to make to make it more effective."

We also asked if children could be bussed to other districts for their summer school program.  But we're told legally another school district can not take other students for the summer. 

For more information on the specific summer programs being offered, click on the link below: